31 Jan 2015 : Stepping-Stone house available – send us your application ASAP

014 MarieJeanne_maison devant

The house Marie-Jeanne

We will soon have a stepping-stone house available for a new family of entrepreneurs ! Spread the message to all those interested in starting up a business in France.

If you are a wanna-be entrepreneur looking to move the the Limousin region in France with your family, consider staying in one of our stepping-stone houses for a period a 2 years max.

By living in the territory you can experience first hand life in the French countryside and at the same time study, thoroughly, your business start-up idea.

With our accompaniment throughout your project you can benefit from the security of having a team of people to guide you through the french culture and processes, help you to build your network and offer advice.

For info on us and the house : http://www.resider-pour-entreprendre.com/wp/en/maison-marie-jeanne/

To apply, contact us direct ; rp.entreprendre@gmail.com / 0033-6-70-28-00-62

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