Stepping-Stone Housing

From the very beginning of this project, Résider pour entreprendre wanted to help welcome newcomers, in particular wanna-be entrepreneurs, to the rural regions of the Limousin.  The motivation behind this project came from the linking of two major realisations by our founding members : The first being that it is very difficult to carry-out all the necessary tasks relating to a change of location (where is the best area for the family, where is the best area for the business, where will my partner find work, where will my children go to school, what paperwork do I need for this region… etc) when we live far from the end destination.  The second is that over the years there has been an increase in people deserting the small villages for the city life.  The effect of this has left a number of villages in Limousin with empty houses which degrade little by little, eventually rendering them un-inhabitable and therefore, normally, un-sellable. The founding members of this association decided to offer a solution to these two problems : renovate the derelict houses in low population villages and rent them on a temporary basis to individuals and families wishing to settle in the region.  This project gives life to these previously diminishing villages and offers wanna-be entrepreneurs a bit of breathing space, a ‘stepping-stone’, to make their decision-making and settlement stage easier.

In order to accommodate the maximum number of requirements (individuals as well as entire families) we have 3 properties to rent to wanna-be entrepreneurs.  In keeping with the style of the village, each property has been renovated using biological and, where possible, local materials ensuring that the orginal nature and charm of each house has been maintained.  The three houses, along with the barn for collective working and the headquaters of the association are all situated in the centre of the village, creating a real community atmosphere and making the welcoming of newcomers very easy, warm and friendly.

On arrival in one of our houses, the charte for the association, the rental contract and the accompanyment agreement will be discussed, agreed and signed by both parties, and we will carry out an area check for the status of the house at the time of arrival.

Summary of the houses

House Size Rent Availibility
94m2 540 €/month September 2016
010 Nanie_maison devant
110m2 540 €/month January 2016
014 MarieJeanne_maison devant
130m2 580 €/month April 2017


If you are a wanna-be entrepreneur, you have a relatively well defined project, you would like to move to the Limousin and are interested in a ‘Stepping-Stone’ house, please fill-in our application form online.  We will study your application and contact you to help you will your settlement in our region.

Apply here.


Just like all associtions which follow the law of 1901, Résider pour entreprendre is committed to helping as many people as possible fulfil their dreams of settling in the Limousin.  However, we can’t do it alone.  We rely on the support and encouragement from as many people as possible to help us to continue or work.  For this, we have created a membership form for all those who wish to support our efforts.  You can download and fill-in the membership form here.

There is no fixed sum for the membership, you may offer what you can.  Though we appreciate all donations, and certainly have a need, your support of our actions counts more than the sum paid.

Download the membership form here.