Overal Aim
The overal aim of the association Résider pour entreprendre is to promote the development of entrepreneuriale activities by giving a residential welcome to wanna-be entrepreneurs wishing to create of take-over an econimic activity in Limousin.

Operational Aims
The association Résider pour Entreprendre propose the activity « logements passerelle » (“Stepping-Stone Housing”). This pilot activity offers the use of 3 houses and an area for collaborative co-working in the village of Meyirgnac L’Eglise.  These “Stepping-Stone Houses” are aimed at temporarily housing (for a maximum period of 24 months) wanna-be entrepreneurs (and their family) who wish to start-up or take-over a business in the Limousin region.

Suitable wanna-be entrepreneur candidats fulfil the majority of the following criteria:

  • currently living in an urban or semi-urban environment, in France or internationally;
  • holding little or no experience of life in the countryside or of life in France;
  • wishing to make a lifestyle change, searching more for a rural environment than anything else;
  • in possession of a professional project to start-up or take-over a business, and in the more advanced stages of the project, of which the development is strictly related to their personal project of living in a rural area.

This offer of temporary accommodation gives the wanna-be entrepreneurs the opportunity to minimise the risks of failure by :

  • testing, in the Limousin countryside, their wish for a lifestyle change from an urban life to a rural life, often dominated by idealistic ideas;
  • profoundly evaluating the coherance of their economic project with their rural and family lifestyle requirements.

By living within the Limousin territory rather than living far away, the wanna-be entrepreneurs benefit from permanent support, such as :

  • our service to accompany them in their efforts to get to know the region, designed to get them started in the creation / take-over of a business as well as help the settlement of the entire family in the rural areas.   This service is provided by the association Résider pour entreprendre, in partnership with the the “Pôle Local d’Accueil de Tulle” and a network of important professionals working within the domaine of the welcome policy of the Limousin region;
  • a professional accompaniment, focused on building the professional project of the wanna-be entrepreneur, offered by number of professional organisations in the region (associations, consulate chambers, collectivities) and representants from associated sectors (accommodation, health, social …);
  • constant meetings with company directors and wannabe-entrepreneurs who live or who have lived through similar experiences.

The association “Résider pour entreprendre”‘s offer of temporary accommodation proposes the development of a close service which responds to the identified needs:

  • of wannabe entrepreneurs who, in living in place, maximise the chances of success of their project to start-up or take-over a business by taking the time to develop their network in the Limousin with the help of the local organisations, by ceising the local entrepreneurial opportunities and studying the conditions required for a definitive settlement;
  • of those working within the economic and territorial development of the Limousin which offer accompaniment services adapted to the needs of the wannabe entrepreneurs as well as the individual territories within the region.

Therefore, the overal aim of the project « Résider pour entreprendre » is to support the economic developement of the Limousin region, and more generally of the Massif Central, by promoting the creation and/or take-over of businesses, thus reenforcing the chances of success of longterm, definitive settlements in the region.