Association status


Article 1
The association, which is governed by the law of the 1st of July 1901 and by the decree of the 16th August 1901, names itself “Résider pour entreprendre”.

Article 2 : OBJECT
The principal aims of this association are:

  1. to promote the entrepreneurial development by welcoming and lodging future entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs with a project of creation/take-over of a business, in rural areas in particular.
    Notably, this involves:
  • welcoming wannabe entrepreneurs with a project of creation/ take-over of a business who come from a region outside of that of the Limousin in France or from another country, european or international;
  • to offer the targeted public a temporary lodging, adapted to the family situation with the aim of helping the wannabe entrepreneur to:
    1. evaluate the suitability:
      • of the professional project
      • of the personal project for the settlement of the family in the Limousin region, and in the rural areas in particular:
        1. to benifit for the accompaniment services proposed by the association, in accordance with the groupement of organisations working within the socio-economic development of the region,
        2. to begin their entrepreneurial activity whilst residing, throughout this period, in the Limousin region,
        3. to build a network within the region by creating close ties with the persons and organisations related to their activity,
        4. to exchange their experiences, their working methods and their reflections with other wannabe entrepreneurs currently living or wish to experience a similar situation as well as with the local inhabitants and organisations interested in their project,
        5. to allow the inhabitants and the persons working within the socio-economic secteur of the Limousin region to establish close ties with wannabe entrepreneurs from other regions in France and internationally and to contribute to the development and solidifcation of entrepreneurial opportunities which surface,
        6. to spread and promote, at the regional, national and international levels, the results achieved by the association and by its partners
  • and, more generally, to aquire or develop the means necessary to allow the wannabe entrepreneur to reach their goals, within the limit of the law.

The association rejects all propaganda, political or religious.

Article 3 : Head Quaters
The association head quarters are at the address : Le bourg, 19800 Meyrignac l’Eglise, France.  This address may be easily transferred to another address by a decision taken by the administrative council, the confirmation of this decision must be achieved during that years General Assembly.

Article 4 : Members
The association is made up of :
a) FOUNDING MEMBERS : identifies the members who played a part in the set-up of the ‘Stepping-Stone Housing’ project at Meyrignac L’Eglise and of the association;
b) BENEFACTORS : identifies any person, natural or legal, which has given material assistance to the association;
c) HONORARY MEMBERS : this title is given to those, natural or legal, who have offered their services to the association;

The above mentioned members are not required to pay the subscription fee.

d) ACTIVE MEMBERS : in order to become an active member of the assocation, persons must be supported by two members of the associations Management Board and accepted by the committee; ce dernier statue souverainement sans avoir à en donner le motif ;

e) ASSOCIATED MEMBERS: these members are determined by the Management Board of the association.

Active and Associated members are required to pay the annual subscription fee, fixed by the Management Board of the association.

Article 5 : Withdrawal or Removal
The status of member shall be withdrawn by :

a) written demand to the president of the association ;
b) resignation or removal from the association by the Management Board for behaviour which goes against that of the association or for refusal to pay the annual subscription fee;
c) death.

In instances of withdrawal from the association, the annual subscription fee is due for the current year.  Members which resign or which are removed from the asociation may not make a claim for a reimbursement of funds which they have donated or paid to the association.  These funds remain the property of the association.

Article 6
The association may, by a simple decision from the management board, form partnerships and communicate with any group, organisation or federation which does or may in the future share its objectives.


Article 7 : Management Board
The association is run by a Management Board made up of at 50 % active members.  The members of the Management Board are elected by General Assembly.  The Management Board chose from its members a committee which shall be composed of:

1- a President ;
2- where necessary, one or many Vice-presidents ;
3- where necessary, one or many Honorary Presidents ;
4- where necessary, a secretary and, if needed, an assistant secretary ;
5- where necessary, a treasurer and, if needed, assistant treasurer;
6- founding members of the association.

During vacation periods, the Board may chose to temporairily replace its members.  This period shall be replaced definitively by discussion during the next General Assembly.

Article 8 : Management Board Meetings
The Management Board shall meet at least once per year, by invitation by the President or at the demand of at least one third of its members.  Decisions shall by made based on the majority vote.  In instances of equal vote, the president shall have the deciding vote.  Any member of the management board which, without reason, fails to turn-up to 3 consecutive meetings shall be considered as having resigned from the committee.

Article 9 : Ordinary Assembly General
The Ordinary Assembly General shall include all membres of the association at any title and shall meet once per year.  At least 15 days before the arranged date, the secretary of the association shall invite all members.  The agenda for the meeting shall be indicated in the invitation.

The President, supported by the committee members, shall present the current situation of the the association.  The treasuerer shall give an update on the financial status of the association.  The decisions made by the General Assembly shall be made based on the majority vote by the members present or the members carrying-out a proxy vote.  Each member present at the General Assembly can make more than one proxy-vote.

Article 10 : Extraordinary General Assembly
If needed, or at the demand of at least 50 % of the members of the Management Board (which have paid their annual subscription), the president may evoke an Extraordinary General Assembly, following the procedures laid out in article 9.  Each member present at the General Assembly can carry more than one proxy.
The decisions made at the Extraordinary General Assembly shall be made by a majority vote from three quarters of the members present or present by proxy.

Article 11 : Internal Rules
An internal rule may be established by the Management Board which has been passed during the General Assembly.  These additional rules shall be aimed at refining various points which are not detailed within the status of the association, notably those which are related to the internal Administration of the association.

Article 12 : Dissolution
In the instance of a dissolution announced by at least three quarters of the members present at an Extraordinary General Assembly En cas de dissolution prononcée par les trois quart au moins des membres présents à l’Assemblée Générale Extraordinaire, un plusieurs liquidateurs sont nommés par celle-ci et l’actif s’il y a lieu, est dévolu conformément à l’article 9 de la loi du 1er Juillet 1901 et au décret du 16 Août 1901.